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Building my own CNC Mill

In my effort to learn about electronics and mechanics, I decided it might be nice to build a CNC mill.

So here I go – I bought three stepper motors and a stepper driver board (sooner or later I want to be able to replace that, obviously) plus transformer.

While surfing the web for inspiration how to build the table, I stumbled upon Werkstattonline.ch by Dave. He basically did in a few hours what I want to do in the next few weeks ­čÖé

I wrote him a few lines - primarily about sourcing the components. Thankfully, he responded quickly and gave me some hints where to look.

Current state: Looking for (cheap) rigid couplings and other parts to build the “table”. Stepper Driver case assembled, emc2 is set up – still some issues with the real time kernel though.. my stepper motor seems to stutter a little. I am thinking about getting myself a cheap old pc, with 32bit Windows XP or the like.