Switch.ch / NIC Blocking WHOIS Requests

Since 2002, when Microsoft abused Switch’s WHOIS Service they’ve introduced very strict policies and technical baffles.

Today I tried to lookup a .CH domain using whois.nic.ch – without success:

They seem to block requests based on subnets, not on IPs, so all I got was:

[Querying whois.nic.ch]
The number of requests per client per time interval is
restricted. You have exceeded this limit.
Please wait a moment and try again.

Air Force One Exposed

As the SF Chronicle reports, there is a website, exposing Air Force One’s inner workings.

Well.. Here you go: Page 69: Link

Update: Link is down, but I’ve got the PDF anyway 😉

Debug Your Remote Geek Style

As you may have read, I’ve bought a Logitech Harmony 885. Now the remote is good, but one single button does not seem to work: the Channel Up button. So what do we do? We test, try, let the remote learn IR commands and almost resign. But how can you be sure your remote does not a wrong command but doesn’t send any command at all?
Simple: Get you digital camera out and take some pictures:

Harmony885 IR working
working, you can see the light
above my thumb.
Harmony885 IR not working
no light, not working

Xara Xtreme is now Open Source!

Hooray for the GPLed Xara!

A big thank you to the creators and decision makers at Xara!

Click here for the good stuff

Playstation 3 In-Game Photos

During Phil Harrison’s keynote speech at GDC, a member of a Spanish forum snapped some pictures of some the games shown and posted them online.


1’000’000 RPM

Meet the new Metal Storm prototype. Firing 180 shots at up to 1’000’000 rounds per minute – have a look. Looks scary..

They have more video goodies at their website.

9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

A nine and twelve zeros – one trillion/billion (YMMV).

Spending obscenities Town Hall
When $8 trillion isn’t enough The Saginaw News
Congress in Wonderland Cincinnati Post

Follow Up: Xbox Hackable After All?

As a video on youtube show, it has been done. The Xbox 360 is hackable and has been hacked. Now the BIOS has not been flashed yet – the hack shown is using a hacked DVD drive using a modified Firmware. All you need to hack is a Firmware writer, but sooner or later you will get either hacked drives to buy or pre-hacked xboxes I guess – see you on ebay!

DVB-T In Switzerland

In developing countries like Switzerland (where I happen to be a citizen) there is still no DVB-T.

In June 2003 the government gave the permission to start the construction of the necessary infrastructure. ‘Rural’ regions get DVB-T first, since they don’t have access to the cable network.

Fast forward to March 2006 – and still, DVB-T in nowhere insight! According to Swisscom, everything should be up and running by 2008 or 2009 – but wait! If I can get DVB-T to watch TV almost everywhere – who’s going to pay for TV via UMTS? Oh.. Nobody? And who sells UMTS? Oh.. Swisscom maybe? Why don’t we get DVB-T by 2005 or 2006? Ahh there you go: Soccer World Championship ’06 in Germany.
Swisscom paid 50m CHF for their licence alone, not to mention their costs for infrastructure and IT.

You won’t get DVB-T by 2008/09 I’d say – suck it.

Xbox 360 Hackable After All?

As one may read on xboxhacker.net some guys aren’t far away from booting backups.
Would be great news: Because if MSFT needs to ship a revised piece of hardware, they might fix that noise problem too!

/won’t buy an xbox360 before they fix that
//has a xbox, but modded so I can watch movies – best dvd player evar!