Spring Roo not ready for google appengine (yet)

For all who haven’t seen Ben Alex‘s presentation on stage at Google I/O (full length video here) should do so now.

Spring Roo looks very promising for rapidly developing applications for Google AppEngine. SpringSource Tool Suite is the IDE I used to test the sample code and tried to write my own.

Unfortunately, Spring Roo is still a work in progress and (at least for me) not usable to do anything useful. In fact, I’ve not been able to run a hosted google appengine successfully.

  • GWT SDK is always missing (“No GWT SDK in classpath”) – you need to open the GWT settings dialog and then close it again (yes, really).
  • You need to enable Dependency Management (you’re expected to know this, the error is “Could not find any host pages in project“)
  • “perform” (to test and package – to run mvn commands) output is not shown, so you don’t know if your build has failed or not. (ROO-867) (Update: Fixed in 1.1.0.M2)
  • Roo together with Datanucleus’ data enhancer does not seem to work with GAE SDK 1.3.4 (“Found Meta-Data for… but this class is not enhanced!! Please enhance the class before running DataNucleus.“) (I have no idea to get around this)

So when SpringSource saidTight integration with SpringSource Tool Suite and Spring Roo to provide a polished, productive developer experience”, it was mere marketing speak.

Update: While I stand by me snarky remark – I will revisit Roo in the coming months.

  1. Hey Phil,

    thanks for trying out the STS, Roo and GWT support. I today blogged about how you can use the new features in Roo for GWT at http://blog.springsource.com/2010/06/02/using-springsource-tool-suite-2-3-3-m1-with-roo-and-gwt/.

    The issues 1, 2, 4 all due to an bug in this early version of STS 2.3.3.M1 and will be fixed in the upcoming milestone. To work-around those issues you have two options:

    1. Please create a Roo project on the command line up to at least running the “gwt setup” command and import the project into STS as “Existing Maven project”. Or
    2. Create your project inside STS, selecting “Full Build” as the dependency management provider. After running the “gwt setup” command please select “Maven -> Update project configuration” from the project’s context menu.

    Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience.


    Christian Dupuis
    SpringSource, a division of VMware
    Lead, SpringSource Tools Team

  2. Hey Christian,
    Thanks for your fast reply! I’m looking forward to new updates!


  3. It doesn’t seem to work on windows7 with STS 2.3.3.M1.

    I cannot run it, from the eclipse right click run web application (i have a problem with datanucleus enhancer – cannot enhanced classes).
    I seems i cannot build the project under eclipse, with the maven builder activated which launch the datanucleus enhancer process.

    If i launch the command in sts or in command line with mvn gwt:run it works.

    What its weird its works under mac os x snow leopard.

  4. regis,
    I’d say do/use what works for you and wait for the upcoming Milestone.

    But nice to hear that it works under OS X, I’ll give that a try..

    As Christian said, this seems to be due a bug in 2.3.3.M1.

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