DVB-T In Switzerland

In developing countries like Switzerland (where I happen to be a citizen) there is still no DVB-T.

In June 2003 the government gave the permission to start the construction of the necessary infrastructure. ‘Rural’ regions get DVB-T first, since they don’t have access to the cable network.

Fast forward to March 2006 – and still, DVB-T in nowhere insight! According to Swisscom, everything should be up and running by 2008 or 2009 – but wait! If I can get DVB-T to watch TV almost everywhere – who’s going to pay for TV via UMTS? Oh.. Nobody? And who sells UMTS? Oh.. Swisscom maybe? Why don’t we get DVB-T by 2005 or 2006? Ahh there you go: Soccer World Championship ’06 in Germany.
Swisscom paid 50m CHF for their licence alone, not to mention their costs for infrastructure and IT.

You won’t get DVB-T by 2008/09 I’d say – suck it.

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