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How To Spam Google News

Richard Wiggins has a very interesting article in his Wiblog: How to spam Google News.

He found out about a ‘2008 US Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato’ who (ab)uses Google News to … yeah – I don’t get what he actually wants to do – getting into the oval office perhaps?

All you need to do is using the right keywords and a free or paid news supplier for google.. Gotta test this some time.

Google buys Sketch Up

3D Sketch Software Maker Sketchup was bought by Google just today.

Looks pretty, but seems to be Buyware.. Probably soon Google Design Your Citiy [Beta] or something

Yamaha RX-V 2600

I’ve bought myself a Yamaha RX-V 2600 A/V Receiver – and I love it!

2 HDMI In, 1 HDMI Out, more than enough Digital Optical in, multiple Component in (for when I get my new PS3/Xbox360) and more. The best thing about this nice piece of hardware is its tiny microphone you get. With Yamaha’s “YPAO” microphone you can ‘Auto-Setup’ you speakers – the difference between no tuning and the auto-setup is truly amazing! The only thing I am missing is an iPod dock, but I’ve got a long RCA cable so I don’t mind..

Full Resolution w/o DRM-Hardware?

Rootkit maker Sony – Don Eklund (senior vice president for advanced technologies) specifically, says that the initial Blu-ray discs — and all of its Blu-ray titles for the forseeable future — will not feature a “Image Constraint Token” which would make a HDTV to a SDTV. So if you already have a HDTV TV but no HDCP you’d still be able to enjoy High Definition.

More at the Sound and Vision Magazine

Origami/UMPC still beta!

As an Enderle Group‘s analyst states “…it is too early to declare victory. The platform is only 40 per cent done and the remaining 60 per cent has yet to be worked out..”

More at VNU

Open Source Helps (Drunken) Drivers

As Silicon Valley Sleuth reports, several drivers charged with driving drunk asked the maker of the breathanalyzer to open their source. The maker didn’t, so several drivers did not need to pay a fine..

Goole Books

As an entry in their Help Center states, Google is having a partner program for publishers, who may grant ‘online access’ to their books.

Moved to new ‘CMS’

Moved from unmanageable Typo3 to WordPress, looks nice, gets slashdotted/digg’d in no time though.