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“How man became the swift and fearless hunter”

… and then we discovered fast food and things came to a ‘swift’ end.

Will Buy Again

Now we can buy and sell our spouse on eBay, there is one thing that I haven’t sold yet:

You can now bid on a positive feedback! Costs USD 5 – No Shipping Costs, Always On Stock!

🙂 / NIC Blocking WHOIS Requests

Since 2002, when Microsoft abused Switch’s WHOIS Service they’ve introduced very strict policies and technical baffles.

Today I tried to lookup a .CH domain using – without success:

They seem to block requests based on subnets, not on IPs, so all I got was:

The number of requests per client per time interval is
restricted. You have exceeded this limit.
Please wait a moment and try again.

9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

A nine and twelve zeros – one trillion/billion (YMMV).

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Microsoft Ipod Parody Movie

Google Video has a nice MSFT Ipod parody – What if the vole designed the Ipod Package?

How To Spam Google News

Richard Wiggins has a very interesting article in his Wiblog: How to spam Google News.

He found out about a ‘2008 US Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato’ who (ab)uses Google News to … yeah – I don’t get what he actually wants to do – getting into the oval office perhaps?

All you need to do is using the right keywords and a free or paid news supplier for google.. Gotta test this some time.

Open Source Helps (Drunken) Drivers

As Silicon Valley Sleuth reports, several drivers charged with driving drunk asked the maker of the breathanalyzer to open their source. The maker didn’t, so several drivers did not need to pay a fine..