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Killing Time – Learning About Technology, Entertainment, Design

This got to be my one of my favourite ways to kill some time and learn about cool stuff at the same time:

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)


“How man became the swift and fearless hunter”

… and then we discovered fast food and things came to a ‘swift’ end.

Will Buy Again

Now we can buy and sell our spouse on eBay, there is one thing that I haven’t sold yet:

You can now bid on a positive feedback! Costs USD 5 – No Shipping Costs, Always On Stock!


Bush’s Fake News

As the Independent reports, the Bush Administration, like the Clinton Administration, created and planted fake news, working together with some major US companies.
The FCC is investigating (for how long until Bush seizes some documents is the question). Some months/weeks ago, the NY Times (reg. req.) wrote about that..

Xbox 360 Firmware boots backups!

Hey good news – even though I don’t own one (because there were no hacks available until now): It’s been done, the XBOX 360 boots backup discs!

Torrent / NIC Blocking WHOIS Requests

Since 2002, when Microsoft abused Switch’s WHOIS Service they’ve introduced very strict policies and technical baffles.

Today I tried to lookup a .CH domain using – without success:

They seem to block requests based on subnets, not on IPs, so all I got was:

The number of requests per client per time interval is
restricted. You have exceeded this limit.
Please wait a moment and try again.

Air Force One Exposed

As the SF Chronicle reports, there is a website, exposing Air Force One’s inner workings.

Well.. Here you go: Page 69: Link

Update: Link is down, but I’ve got the PDF anyway 😉

Xara Xtreme is now Open Source!

Hooray for the GPLed Xara!

A big thank you to the creators and decision makers at Xara!

Click here for the good stuff

Playstation 3 In-Game Photos

During Phil Harrison’s keynote speech at GDC, a member of a Spanish forum snapped some pictures of some the games shown and posted them online.


1’000’000 RPM

Meet the new Metal Storm prototype. Firing 180 shots at up to 1’000’000 rounds per minute – have a look. Looks scary..

They have more video goodies at their website.