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Fix Django’s Unable to configure filter ‘require_debug_false’

Error on my ubuntu server:

ValueError: Unable to configure filter 'require_debug_false': Cannot resolve 'django.utils.log.RequireDebugFalse': No module named RequireDebugFalse


apt-get install python-pip
pip install --upgrade django
You have just installed Django over top of an existing
installation, without removing it first. Because of this,
your install may now include extraneous files from a
previous version that have since been removed from
Django. This is known to cause a variety of problems. You
should manually remove the
directory and re-install Django.

Well okay..

rm -rf /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/django
pip install --upgrade django






Growl 2.1.2 Download / Binaries

The good people at growl provide the source code for growl on and the binaries on the App Store. If you’re a cheapskate like me, you’ll save yourself 4 bucks and build the thing yourself.

Just in case anyone else wants the file, here you go

Building my own CNC Mill

In my effort to learn about electronics and mechanics, I decided it might be nice to build a CNC mill.

So here I go – I bought three stepper motors and a stepper driver board (sooner or later I want to be able to replace that, obviously) plus transformer.

While surfing the web for inspiration how to build the table, I stumbled upon by Dave. He basically did in a few hours what I want to do in the next few weeks 🙂

I wrote him a few lines - primarily about sourcing the components. Thankfully, he responded quickly and gave me some hints where to look.

Current state: Looking for (cheap) rigid couplings and other parts to build the “table”. Stepper Driver case assembled, emc2 is set up – still some issues with the real time kernel though.. my stepper motor seems to stutter a little. I am thinking about getting myself a cheap old pc, with 32bit Windows XP or the like.

Spring Roo not ready for google appengine (yet)

For all who haven’t seen Ben Alex‘s presentation on stage at Google I/O (full length video here) should do so now.

Spring Roo looks very promising for rapidly developing applications for Google AppEngine. SpringSource Tool Suite is the IDE I used to test the sample code and tried to write my own.

Unfortunately, Spring Roo is still a work in progress and (at least for me) not usable to do anything useful. In fact, I’ve not been able to run a hosted google appengine successfully.

  • GWT SDK is always missing (“No GWT SDK in classpath”) – you need to open the GWT settings dialog and then close it again (yes, really).
  • You need to enable Dependency Management (you’re expected to know this, the error is “Could not find any host pages in project“)
  • “perform” (to test and package – to run mvn commands) output is not shown, so you don’t know if your build has failed or not. (ROO-867) (Update: Fixed in 1.1.0.M2)
  • Roo together with Datanucleus’ data enhancer does not seem to work with GAE SDK 1.3.4 (“Found Meta-Data for… but this class is not enhanced!! Please enhance the class before running DataNucleus.“) (I have no idea to get around this)

So when SpringSource saidTight integration with SpringSource Tool Suite and Spring Roo to provide a polished, productive developer experience”, it was mere marketing speak.

Update: While I stand by me snarky remark – I will revisit Roo in the coming months.

Killing Time – Learning About Technology, Entertainment, Design

This got to be my one of my favourite ways to kill some time and learn about cool stuff at the same time:

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)


“How man became the swift and fearless hunter”

… and then we discovered fast food and things came to a ‘swift’ end.

Parsing Crontab Syntax With Java

I wrote a small piece of code I wanted to share: I wanted to parse/interpret crontab style syntax in java and found out that there is not a single simple way to do this available right now. So I wrote a very basic parser.

Allows you to parse syntax like: */15,12 7-11,13-17 * * 1-5

Download the source

Update: It seems this code is now to be found in certain IBM products (with my permission).

Will Buy Again

Now we can buy and sell our spouse on eBay, there is one thing that I haven’t sold yet:

You can now bid on a positive feedback! Costs USD 5 – No Shipping Costs, Always On Stock!


Bush’s Fake News

As the Independent reports, the Bush Administration, like the Clinton Administration, created and planted fake news, working together with some major US companies.
The FCC is investigating (for how long until Bush seizes some documents is the question). Some months/weeks ago, the NY Times (reg. req.) wrote about that..

Xbox 360 Firmware boots backups!

Hey good news – even though I don’t own one (because there were no hacks available until now): It’s been done, the XBOX 360 boots backup discs!